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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Audrey and today, I would like to invite you all to learn about the wonders of the automobile. I first became interested in the auto mobile after the death of my husband. Until that point, I had no interest in cars at all. My husband did all the driving and I simply had to turn up on time and climb into the back. However, a few days after the funeral, I walked into our garage and I decided that I would learn how to drive and how to maintain an automobile. Our mechanic has been very good at teaching me a few things and giving me some top advice.


Audrey's Auto Blog

Is Your Car Displaying These Symptoms? Then It Might Be Time To Book A Car Service

Tracy Arnold

Many people get yearly car services done like clockwork, and this is a great habit to get into but also one that is subject to the condition of the car. Sometimes your car might need a little bit more tender loving care than just routine maintenance. The only problem that can arise is when the owner of the car doesn't recognise the cries for help the vehicle is giving out. Here are three of the most common symptoms that will let you know when your car needs a service a little bit sooner than anticipated. 

Using More Petrol

Car services involve a tune-up of many different systems that can affect the petrol consumption of the car. During the time between services, these systems will get older and out of position once more, and this can lead to you filling up more regularly than you might like. If you can see in your monthly budget that you are spending a lot more on petrol than you used to, and you haven't been travelling that much further, then it is a good idea to go and get a car service just so that you can be sure if something is amiss or not.

Weak Climate Control

As summer approaches ever faster, having properly working air conditioning is more important than ever. Perhaps you just tried using the cooling function of your air conditioner in your car for the first time this year and found it to be quite weak. From leaks in the pipes to faulty securing of hoses and much more, air conditioning can deteriorate for any number of reasons. Car services will always investigate your air conditioning and change out the filters and replace any damaged components so you get nice, clean and crisp cold air for the following hotter months.

Bad Smells

Using your nose to figure out if something is wrong with the mechanics of your car is always a good suggestion. From the sweeter smell of breaking fluid to the pungent aroma of exhaust sneaking into your cabin, all erroneous smells should be checked out by a professional mechanic. The last thing you want is to get poisoned while driving because there is a smell you can't quite locate. These smells can also make socialising much harder than it needs to be, as no one wants to drive around in a foul-smelling vehicle. Book your car service and make sure to mention the smell.