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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Audrey and today, I would like to invite you all to learn about the wonders of the automobile. I first became interested in the auto mobile after the death of my husband. Until that point, I had no interest in cars at all. My husband did all the driving and I simply had to turn up on time and climb into the back. However, a few days after the funeral, I walked into our garage and I decided that I would learn how to drive and how to maintain an automobile. Our mechanic has been very good at teaching me a few things and giving me some top advice.


Audrey's Auto Blog

Renting a Car: Brace Yourself for These Unexpected Costs

Tracy Arnold

Renting a car is the best alternative when you need to travel by road. It comes in handy for those who want to travel at their comfort if they do not have a personal car. Moreover, it also helps those who are not allowed to drive their cars in foreign destinations and countries. When you rent a car, you need to be aware of the unexpected costs that might arise so that you can plan for them. Put some extra coins aside to deal with any unexpected costs that might arise. Here is a look at some of these costs:

Concession Fees

A concession fee is also referred to as an airport fee. This fee is charged to all rental firms and agencies doing business in an airport. Ideally, rental agencies handle concession fees differently to suit the specific needs of the business. Some service providers will include it in the rental premium rates, while others will add it separately to the standard premiums. Either way, the fee adds to the cost of the car, and you should set aside extra money to pay it. You can find a car for rent at a cheaper rate if you get it away from the airport where no concession fee applies.

Car Drop-off Charges

When you pick a rented car from a certain location, the service provider has a preferred location that they would like you to return the car to. You may not always be able to return the car to the preferred location, depending on your plans. In such cases, you should be ready to pay for drop-off charges. This charge is levied by rental agencies for the inconvenience you cause them by leaving the car in a different location.

Refuelling Charges

Refuelling is another unexpected cost that might slip your mind. There are two ways rental agencies deal with refuelling charges. The first option is to prepay for the car's fuel before you actually go to pick it up. The other option is to take the car when it is low on fuel and refill it yourself on the actual day that you pick it. Opting for prepayment can be better because you get to buy fuel at the prevailing market price.

Partial Day

Rental charges apply according to the number of days that you use the car. Even if you return the car twelve hours prior to the expiry of the duration that you had agreed to, you will still pay the full amount for a day. There are no half days.