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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Audrey and today, I would like to invite you all to learn about the wonders of the automobile. I first became interested in the auto mobile after the death of my husband. Until that point, I had no interest in cars at all. My husband did all the driving and I simply had to turn up on time and climb into the back. However, a few days after the funeral, I walked into our garage and I decided that I would learn how to drive and how to maintain an automobile. Our mechanic has been very good at teaching me a few things and giving me some top advice.


Audrey's Auto Blog

6 Signs You Need a Forklift License

Tracy Arnold

A forklift license allows you to operate a forklift in an industrial or commercial setting. Wondering if you need a license? Here are 6 signs you should sign up for a forklift training class so you can obtain a license.

1. You Plan to Hire a Forklift

You may not need a license to operate a forklift on your residential property for a personal project. However, if you want to ensure that you use the equipment correctly and safely, you may want to get a license.

2. You Want to Improve Your Resume

Building up a great resume takes time, but you don't necessarily always need to work at a job to improve your resume. In some cases, you can improve your resume by adding skills, licenses and training to it. A forklift license may be a great addition, especially if you are looking for work with shipping companies, storage facilities and some factories.

3. Your Business Is Expanding Its Store Room

Some store rooms or shipping and receiving areas just rely on human power, but once a business gets large enough, it may start to expand. That can include using forklifts to put items on and take items off of shelves. If the company you work for is expanding in this way, you may want to get licensed so that you are eligible to run the forklift.

4. You Want to Expand Your Existing Skill Set

There are actually two types of forklift licenses in Australia. You can get a general forklift license, or you can get an order picker license. If you only have one, you may want to diversify by choosing another.

5. Your License Is About to Expire

Forklift licenses expire after five years. If your license has already expired, you may want to get a new license. That may include a simple renewal, taking a test or signing up for another class. Safety elements can change over the years, so it's important to stay updated.

6. You Want to Know What Your Employees Know

As a boss, you have to delegate jobs to your employees. You can't do everything yourself. That said, to be an effective leader, it helps to know what your employees are doing. To that end, even if you don't usually run the forklift in your business, you may want to take the class. That makes you better able to supervise and manage your forklift crew.