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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Audrey and today, I would like to invite you all to learn about the wonders of the automobile. I first became interested in the auto mobile after the death of my husband. Until that point, I had no interest in cars at all. My husband did all the driving and I simply had to turn up on time and climb into the back. However, a few days after the funeral, I walked into our garage and I decided that I would learn how to drive and how to maintain an automobile. Our mechanic has been very good at teaching me a few things and giving me some top advice.


Audrey's Auto Blog

Two factors to take into account when purchasing new tyres for your car

Tracy Arnold

If your car's current tyres have worn out, here are two important factors which you should take into consideration when shopping for a replacement set:


The price of tyres can vary quite a bit. If you're on a tight budget, you might be thinking about opting for economy tyres. These are usually made from a rubber compound which is substantially less robust than standard or premium tyres.

If you travel long distances in your car on a daily basis, buying a set of cheap tyres will probably end up being a false economy. This is because the weak tyre rubber will not be able to withstand daily usage; as a result, its tread is likely to wear out very quickly. This will then will result in you having to pay for a new set in just a few months' time.

In this situation, it would be much more financially prudent to invest in the highest-quality tyres you can afford, as even with daily driving trips, these should last at least a year or so, if not longer.

On the other hand, if you only use your car for short trips once or twice a week, a set of cheap-and-cheerful economy tyres should suffice.

The condition of the roads on which you drive

When shopping for new tyres, you must take the condition of the roads on which you drive into consideration, as this will have a huge impact on the tyres' performance.

For example, if you live in an area with a wet climate and the roads, therefore, are often wet and icy, you should invest in a set of winter tyres. Winter tyres usually have a deeper-than-average tread depth, which ensures that the rubber continues to retain a solid grip on the road, even in slippery conditions. This increase in traction will prevent the wetness of the roads from increasing your stopping distances, and will also reduce the chances of the vehicle spinning out of control if you drive over a patch of ice.

Conversely, if you regularly drive on rough rural roads that become extremely muddy when wet, you should opt for deegan 38 tyres, which come with a special tread design that helps to push mud and stones out of each tyre's grooves. This should ensure that, if you drive over a particularly muddy area, the tyres won't fill up with mud and leave your vehicle trapped.